Solar Thermal


We install the best Solar Thermal Systems available on the market.


Solar Thermal (Hot Water) Systems simply convert rays emitted from the sun into heat, which then creates hot water for your property. Even with the unpredictable climate of the UK, you can still expect a well designed solar thermal system to provide 70% of your hot water requirements.


How it works


  • Solar panels are fitted to your roof or nearby site and a cylinder is installed inside your home, generally in an airing cupboard or loft.
  • Radiation from the sun is then absorbed via the solar panels.
  • Inside the panel is a pipe containing a fluid that is heated by the sun.
  • The fluid is then pumped to your cylinder where the hot fluid warms a coil which in turn heats the water within the cylinder.
  • You then get the benefits of this hot water each time you draw from your hot water taps.
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