Save Money on Your Energy Bills This Christmas

Our infographic shows how energy is used over Christmas for both homes and businesses.

It highlights how much our consumption increases over the festive period and how much it can cost in excessive usage. We see this price hike in our electricity and heating bills.

By following our tips, you could save money on your energy bills. But even more than that, you can make real savings by switching to the renewable energy systems we mention in our infographic, such as Solar PV, Air Source Heat Pumps and LED Lighting.

The combined impact of increased Christmas energy usage can make a huge difference to the UK’s overall output. Reducing carbon emissions is hugely important in offsetting global warming, so we all have a personal responsibility to do our part and reduce our energy output when possible.


Renewable energy systems won’t offset all the energy we use but could make a big difference. To find out more contact UK Alternative Energy by clicking here