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ASHP System Size: 12 kW ASHP Model: Panasonic T CAP ASHP Renewable Heat (kWhrs): 28,431 ASHP RHI Payment over 7 years: £9,100 ASHP Savings on Oil per year: 40% PV System Size: 4.00 kWp PV Panel Model: SolarWorld 250w Black PV Inverter Model: SMA 3,600TL PV Annual Output (kWh / year): 3,540 PV Annual CO2 Savings (kg / year): 1,700

Retro Fit in 1970s house with radiators – The project was to heat and provide hot water for a 4 bedroom 1970s 209m2, bungalow in the Cranwell, Lincolnshire.

The original heating had been provided using an old oil boiler. The family end users were concerned about oil prices but also interested in taking advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments as well as the Feed in tariffs available from solar PV. The PV system will provide much of the electricity required to run the heat pump.

The existing boiler was removed along with the oil tank and replaced with a size 12kw Panasonic T CAP air source heat pump system.

The Panasonic system consists of 4 parts the outdoor unit, the hot water cylinder, a 50 litre buffer tank and a heat exchanger. The heat pump is connected to the heat exchanger which is connected to an open vented heating system. The reason for the heat exchanger was due to the existing heating system being open vented and not suitable for a pressurised system.

Prior to installing this system the heating oil bills for the house were £2,200 per annum.

Now with the Panasonic T CAP this has been reduced to £1,300 per annum.

The Solar PV array will provide £840 per year index linked and tax free.

The RHI payments over 7 years will be £9,100 and the extrapolated PV FIT payments over 20 years is £30,678.



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