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About The Project

Tank size: 38,000 litres Savings (litres per annum): 760,000 litres

London Overground Rail Operations were considering a range of viable options for the reduction of water consumption and waste when washing trains at the Willesden Traction Maintenance Depot.  After contacting members through the UK Rainwater Harvesting Association, UK Alternative Energy was selected to provide help to reduce the Willesden Depot’s future water consumption.

UK Alternative Energy conducted a survey and the proposal was agreed for the installation of a 38,000 litres above ground rainwater collection system, specifically designed to service the needs of Willesden Maintenance Depot, saving the cost of 760,000 litres of mains water per annum. The new system has continued to be monitored and the new rainwater storage system has provided over 80% of their total water needs – this is a massive 80% saving on water bills and associated sewerage charges for London Overground Rail Operations.



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