Solar PV – Call Centre Communications Ltd, Lincoln - Commercial


About The Project

  • System Size: 22.50 kWp
  • Panel Model: SolarWorld 250w
  • Inverter Model: SMA 10,000TL & 12,000TL
  • Annual Output (kWh / year): 17,595
  • Annual CO2 Savings (kg / year):

Local Lincoln business Call Centre Communications Ltd were exploring the possibility of installing Solar PV on their commercial premises.
Following an extensive search to find an installer to met their needs that was also a local reputable company, UK Alternative Energy were chosen due to our enviable track record, competitive prices and excellent after-sales service.

The Installation
The roof-mounted system was installed using 90 Solar World 250w solar panels in a configuration of 9 rows of 10 mounted landscape. The size of the system is 22.50 kWp, generating an annual 17,595 kW of solar generated power and also an impressive reduction of 9.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The Benefits
As soon as the installation was complete, the new system began generating not only electricity for the business, but also a healthy 23.92% return on investment, equating to an anticipated return of £3,880 per annum*.

Over the next 20 years the initial investment will bring an expected minimum income of £77,602*, which when considering the rising cost of fuel it impressively increases to an extrapolated figure of £144,584** return over 20 years. The feed in tariff payment is index linked.

* Financial return calculated on tariff for installations before 1st January 2015
** The extrapolated costs are approximations based on an increased cost of electricity at 10% per annum and inflation based on 3% per annum.




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