Proud Supporter of Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

UK Alternative Energy are a proud supporter of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust (LWT).

Now, you might be familiar with the LWT, and maybe you visit some of their wildlife reserves such as Whisby or Willow Tree Fen – or perhaps you go to see the seal pups at Donna Nook, or go birdwatching at the magnificent new centre at Gibraltar Point.

But did you know that the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust was one of the first Wildlife Trusts to be formed? It was established in 1948, and was only the third such county-based charity to be started in the UK. Today, they manage 93 nature reserves across the county, from Surfleet to Barton-upon-Humber, from Eagle to Anderby Creek. Wherever you live in Lincolnshire, you’re close to one of their reserves.

When the Lincolnshire Trust began, conservation and caring for wildlife were unfamiliar ideas. Most people were preoccupied with rebuilding their lives after wartime. But a small group of far-sighted individuals got together and developed practical ways of looking after wildlife and the environment.

They protected landscapes and the life therein – but they also explained what they were doing, in a way that people could understand. Education and enlightenment were always key to the Wildlife Trusts movement. And exactly 70 years later, consideration for all things wild is second nature to most people.

The LWT were a pioneering organisation. And in our own way, we are too. We’re doing something that even a decade ago seemed weird – decarbonising Lincolnshire, home by home and business by business. Alternative energy is now mainstream, and around a third of all the energy generated in the UK comes from renewable sources.

We install practical systems that use renewable energy to provide you with heat and power – in an affordable and reliable way. We explain how they work and what your options are. Whether it’s a heat pump using free heat from the air around us, or a solar PV array turning sunlight into electricity, we make sure that what we propose is the right solution for you and your family.

And we’ll also explain how it all works. Renewable energy technologies are actually straightforward and easy to understand, if you don’t use the trade jargon which can be baffling. And we’ll help you claim all the government incentive payments on offer, too, whether it’s feed-in tariff payments for solar PV or renewable heat incentive payments for heat pumps.

Our aim is to reduce your carbon footprint and protect you from energy price increases, without having to change the way you live. And like the LWT, we work across the whole of Greater Lincolnshire – so wherever you are, we can help you move to renewable energy in your home and business. You can save money and save the planet at the same time.

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust change things for the better – and so do we. We’re proud to support a local charity. And as we grow, our support for them will grow, too.

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