Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire Grant

Most people in business know that saving energy saves money – but the installation costs of new equipment can be a barrier to change. This is where a Lincolnshire-wide initiative can help.

Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire (SEGL) offers grants to eligible SME’s located in the Greater Lincolnshire area to help go towards energy-saving products. The scheme has been designed to be easy to apply for, without the need for reams of data that many grant schemes require.

The programme has been part-funded by the EU European Regional Development Fund. It’s ring-fenced and so not affected by Brexit – and the scheme is projected to run to March 2021, so there’s still plenty of scope for new applicants.

Although the scheme is run by North-East Lincolnshire Council, it’s open to eligible small-to-medium business located within the Greater Lincolnshire postcode (there’s a checker on the website for validation of your address).

There are two types of grant funding available:

  • A grant that covers up to 38% of net costs, paid as a voucher for the full grant
  • A £500 voucher to go towards an energy efficient product. (To be eligible for this, the company has to attend a workshop and complete 12 hours of contact time with the programme.)

Importantly, funding must be agreed in advance of commencing the project. The friendly team at SEGL are happy to talk through ideas at any stage, so it’s a good idea to contact them even with embryonic proposals. You’ll need competitive quotes from 3 providers for any projects over £25k and 1 quote for projects under £25k. (SEGL recommend obtaining 3 quotes for best value, in any case.)

As you’d expect, there are some general qualifiers to satisfy, among them:

  • Fewer than 250 full-time employees
  • Independently owned
  • Turnover or balance sheet of no more than EUR 50 million
  • Active and financially secure
  • Some sectors may be not eligible, e.g. agriculture – call the SEGL team to check

There are a few other criteria to meet, so to check if your business is eligible go to the online application form. The SEGL website also has more information.

SEGL initially included public sector bodies, but the funding has been allocated – so only commercial organisations selling goods or services can now apply.

Once your project is green-lit, you can work with any provider – including UK Alternative Energy. We’re happy to help you develop a proposal and provide a quotation.

If you want to find out more about SEGL, have a look at their website or call them on 01472 323 825.

Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire Grant